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Equine Reproduction Services | Stud Medicine & AI


Breeding horses can be a complicated and sometimes challenging process. That is why it is vital to have a trusted, dedicated and experienced stud vet on-hand to help you and your horse. From the initial conversations about how and whether to put your mare in foal, to handling complicated foalings, our equine vets are here to help.


Avonvale Equine Vet Practice offer a range of equine reproduction services, including horse AI. Whether you are a performance horse breeder or just want a foal from your mare, our experienced stud vets can help you. We work with horse breeders of all sizes, from thoroughbred stud farms to individual horse owners.

Our experienced and dedicated stud vets will create a bespoke plan to meet the needs of your mare. We offer stud services both at your yard and at our equine vet clinic in Ratley, near Banbury.

Our Equine Reproduction Services Include:

  • A comprehensive equine Artificial Insemination (AI) package (frozen or chilled semen)
  • Storage of frozen semen
  • Equine infertility investigation – including uterine biopsy and hysteroscopy
  • Management of the pregnant mare – including difficult foalings and caesarean sections
  • Post foaling care of the mare and foal
  • Intensive care treatment of foals when required

Horse AI

Horse AI allows breeders to use semen from stallions worldwide, stallions that are competing or even stallions that have died. Artificial Insemination also reduces the risks of disease transmission, injury to the mare or stallion or personnel.

At Avonvale Equine Vet Practice, we offer horse AI using frozen or chilled semen. Whilst chilled semen is often more successful in terms of conception, frozen semen allows more flexibility in terms of where and when it can be sourced. Frozen semen can also be stored for much longer, meaning it can be used even after the stallion has died.

Both forms of horse AI require careful timing and precise monitoring and management of the mare’s cycle to enable the best chance of success.

We are a British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved clinic for horse AI.

Broodmare Management

Pregnant mares and broodmares need to be managed carefully to ensure their health and that of their foal. Our experienced equine stud vets can advise owners on vaccinations, worming, preparation and nutrition for your pregnant mare.

If you have any questions about putting your mare in foal please contact reception on 01295 670 501 to talk to one of our stud vets.