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In House Laboratory

We are proud to offer in-house laboratory services at our independent equine vet clinic. This allows us to carry out a range of tests on-site, with a faster turnaround time, which is especially beneficial to our emergency patients.


Worm Counts for Horses

Faecal worm egg counts (FWEC) and a targeted worming programme are essential to effective, sustainable parasite control. It is important that you have regular worm egg counts carried out for your horse, and that you follow a targeted worming schedule in order to help prevent resistance to wormers.

Being able to do worm egg counts in-house allows our equine vets to advise on the best worming schedule for your yard or individual horse. Our worming advice is tailored based on FWEC results as well as the horse’s age, health status and other individual circumstances.

Worm egg counts should be conducted every 12 weeks for adult horses during the grazing season. Many of our clients frequently submit faecal samples to us for worm egg counts. Our clients can also take advantage of our annual worm control package, which is designed for horses aged over 2 years old.

Our worm control package includes three worm egg counts, a weigh tape, one Equest Pramox wormer (recommended for most horses every winter) and unlimited, up-to-date advice from our equine vets for £70 per year. You can find out more about our worm control package here or call us for more information.


Other Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory also allows us to carry out a range of other tests on-site. Our faster turnaround time benefits many of our patients, especially in emergencies. In an emergency, every minute counts and getting test results quickly allows us to provide faster, more effective treatment to our patients.

Within our well-equipped laboratory, we can perform haematology and biochemistry blood tests, urinalysis, microscopy and culture analysis.