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Medicine | Equine Endoscopy, Sarcoid & Colic Treatment


At Avonvale Equine Vet Practice, we have a full range of diagnostic and laboratory equipment. Our facilities allow us to investigate and treat sarcoids, colic and other complex medical cases. We also offer equine endoscopy and gastric ulcer treatment.


Our medical expertise encompasses gastroenterology and colic, weight loss investigation, respiratory disease investigation, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology including sarcoid treatment for horses and foal medicine.

We have full intensive care and isolation facilities at our clinic and around-the-clock equine veterinary and nursing care is available when needed. Our dedicated team provide excellent care for our in-patients, and we will keep clients updated throughout their horse’s stay.

Poor performance may be caused by a number of medical conditions such as gastric ulcers, respiratory or muscle problems, in addition to orthopaedic conditions. Therefore, poor performance investigation often involves co-operation between equine medicine and lameness teams. Our equine vets are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and we take a methodical, collaborative approach to diagnosis and treatment. 

Our medicine team is led by Naomi de Pennington, who holds the certificate in equine internal medicine and is recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as an Advanced Practitioner in Equine Internal Medicine.


Equine Endoscopy & Ultrasound

We have a new state of the art video-endoscopy unit which includes a 3.5m gastroscope to enable us to examine the stomach of horses of any size, either at your yard or at our equine vet clinic facility. Our high specification mobile ultrasound equipment allows detailed investigation of intestinal, liver and cardiac disease.

 We also run regular discounted gastroscope clinics for new and existing clients.


Sarcoid Treatment for Horses

Sarcoids are a common problem in horses and they account for around 40% of all equine cancers. Sarcoids do not usually go away on their own, so it is always important to seek veterinary advice. The treatment of sarcoids in horses needs to be considered carefully depending on the type and severity. This can include the use of chemotherapy drugs and / or surgery. Our experienced equine vets can investigate and treat sarcoids, including those requiring surgical intervention.


Horse Colic Treatment

Colic is a very common ailment, and cases can deteriorate rapidly if not treated promptly and effectively. Colic treatment can involve pain relief, administration of fluids and / or use of intestinal muscle relaxants. Some colic cases require more intensive treatment and nursing, and our dedicated equine veterinary nurses are on-hand to provide 24/7 care when required. We are also able to perform emergency colic surgery at our equine vet clinic near Banbury.