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Equine Performance Medicine

Our equine performance vets are highly qualified and experienced in all areas of equine performance medicine. We support clients in a range of disciplines, including racing, dressage and showing as well as stud farms. 


Poor Performance Investigations

“Poor performance” can refer to a range of issues, usually relating to the ridden performance of the horse. A horse that is refusing to jump, unable to work from behind or struggling to bend could be considered to be underperforming. However, poor performance can refer to any horse that is not performing as well as it would usually do so.


Poor performance can often first appear as a minor sign that something is “not quite right”, but it should never be ignored. Often, seemingly minor changes in performance or behaviour can result from orthopaedic, respiratory, cardiovascular or metabolic issues that must be diagnosed and treated promptly for the best outcome. For competition and performance horses in particular, identifying and treating performance-related issues early is essential for a long, successful and happy career. 


Our equine performance vets are experienced in working with competition and performance horses in a range of disciplines. After taking a detailed history, we will assess the horse in-hand, on the lunge and under saddle if appropriate, followed by further diagnostic tests depending on the nature and likely cause of poor performance. 


Orthopaedic Surgery

As one of the only equine vet clinics in the area to offer full surgical facilities, we are able to perform a range of surgical procedures, including specialist orthopaedic surgery. Our highly qualified equine vets have access to the latest arthroscopic equipment, so we can perform keyhole surgery where required. We also have stocks, allowing us to perform standing surgery under sedation and local anaesthesia.


Whilst some minor surgical procedures can be performed as day cases, we have in-patient facilities led by our attentive on-site veterinary team for those that require hospitalisation. Our experienced equine vets and nurses will care for your horse before, during and after surgery, keeping you well informed throughout.


Our ability to offer such a wide range of surgical procedures in-house means our clients and their horses benefit from consistent veterinary care from a familiar team. 


Routine Healthcare for Performance Horses

Routine healthcare is key to minimising the risk of serious illness and injury, as well as detecting potential health problems early. At Avonvale Equine Vet Practice, we offer routine healthcare for performance and competition horses and ponies, including faecal worm egg counts, vaccination and our performance horse MOT service. We also offer a free weekly zone visits scheme for our routine veterinary services.


Routine Vaccinations for Performance & Competition Horses

If your horse is travelling to competitions, studs, or training facilities, keeping up-to-date with vaccinations is a top priority. Not only could a lapsed vaccination expose your horse to greater risk of disease, but it could bar you from competing or travelling to some venues. We offer a number of equine vaccinations, including routine vaccination against equine flu and tetanus. Vaccination against other diseases including EHV and strangles are also available and our equine vets are happy to discuss your horse’s individual vaccination requirements.


Performance / Competition Horse MOT Service

Help your horse maintain peak performance with our performance horse MOT service. This in-depth, periodic health check can be tailored to your horse’s discipline, and it includes a trot-up, ultrasound limb assessment and fitness blood profile for £334.52 (inc VAT), representing a £100 saving on individually priced components. 


Horse Export Papers

Our equine vets are qualified official veterinarians (OVs), so we can certify your horse to travel abroad. Whether you are a private individual or commercial enterprise, there are a number of rules and regulations to follow when taking your horse abroad for sale, breeding or competition purposes. Taking your horse abroad requires careful planning, so please call us to speak to an experienced equine vet and book the required services well in advance. 


Joint Measurement Board (JMB) Measuring Services

If you need your horse or pony measured for showing or competition purposes, we offer JMB horse height measuring services in a relaxed environment. Please visit our JMB measuring services page for more information. 


Breeding & Stud Medicine

Whether you have a single mare or a commercial performance horse breeding operation, our experienced and highly qualified equine stud vet can support and advise you throughout the breeding process.

Avonvale Equine Vet Practice is a British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved clinic for artificial insemination (AI). We offer horse AI using frozen or chilled semen, and our breeding and stud medicine services also include equine infertility investigation, management of the pregnant mare and post-foaling care. 

Our 24/7 emergency cover, full surgical facilities and in-house laboratory services mean we are well-equipped to manage routine care of the mare and foal as well as complications and emergencies should they arise. 

Please visit our equine reproduction services page for more information or call us on 01295 670 501 to discuss your options. 


Emergency Call-Outs

Sometimes, it is necessary to call the vet out of hours or in an emergency. No matter the time of day or night, you can call our emergency line (01295 670 501) and we will send an Avonvale equine vet out to your horse. 

Our full surgical facilities and in-house laboratory mean we can perform a range of emergency tests and procedures quickly, which is even more important when time is of the essence. 


Event Cover

If you are running a competition, show, or other equestrian event that requires on-site veterinary cover, ask us about our event cover service. One of our directors, Naomi de Pennington, has been the Senior Veterinary Surgeon at Warwick Racecourse since 2008. 

If you require veterinary cover for your equestrian event, please call us to discuss your requirements. 


Equine Biosecurity

Biosecurity is vital for the smooth operation of commercial yards. Professional riders, competition venues and stud farms should all have a biosecurity plan in place that is designed to minimise the risk of contagious diseases entering the premises, and minimising the spread should an outbreak occur. Our equine vets can advise on equine biosecurity and help professional riders and commercial yard managers plan and implement effective equine biosecurity. 


Equine Performance Medicine at Avonvale Equine Vet Practice

Our experienced, dedicated and highly qualified equine vet team are fully-equipped to provide routine and emergency veterinary services to performance and competition horses across all disciplines. If you are looking for a vet practice for your performance or competition horse, register with us online today or contact us on 01295 670 501.